People Got REALLY Excited After Seeing Imran Khan Wearing Jinnah Cap – Look What They Are Saying Here

PTI chairman Imran Khan is on a visit to Karachi for membership campaign launch and needless to say, people are welcoming their leader with overwhelming passion and happiness. This can be well guessed by how they had taken over Twitter with #KAPTAANFORKHI expressing their sentiments and support.

Khan is also availing this opportunity to reach out to maximum people which of course is being appreciated by people as his dedicated followers do want to see more of him on different platforms.

Earlier today, Imran Khan visited Karachi Bar Association and before his address, he was awarded the Jinnah Cap.

Imran Khan in Jinnah Cap excited Twitter and in no time, it was flooded with witty comments and appreciation. He was gracing it throughout the address and looked like he felt quite privileged to wear it.

People immediately started complimenting how good he looks and adviced him to always keep wearing it.

Some were of opinion that addressing lawyers in a Jinnah cap was visionary and equivalent to a tribute to the leader of Pakistan.

Some related his look to other contexts as well – well that is pretty creative too!

Others showed their love and support in other kind comments as well. 

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