People Are Having A Hard Time Believing If Sham Idrees’ Accident Is Real – Here Is What People Are Saying

Quite popular and known youtube duo Sham Idrees and Froggy have made the headlines many times recently. If you are well aware of the youtube community, you’d know that Pakistani youtube is known for his humorous videos alongside Zaid Ali T and Shahveer Jafry.

However, both Sham and Froggy are both widely followed and widely criticised for the type of content they make. Recently they have faced an intense backlash from their followers for faking drama and getting views. The duo showed that they had a fight and split, dropped diss tracks and later reconciled – annoying those who were following it since months believing it to be ‘real’. After that, Shahveer also faked his own marriage and benefitted from the situation, dragging it to get views. All this made people quite vocal about the dropping quality of the content and he had to face quite a harsh reaction as well.

But this time, the situation has gotten intense. Yesterday Sham Idrees and Froggy met a severe accident. As per reports, the pair is still in the hospital. Froggy sustained a foot injury. Sham got his leg injured while the vehicles completely destroyed. But even in this hard time, the duo made it to the center of controversy, trolls, and criticism.
Here is the video:


The incident was first shared by the youtube pair themselves in a video, that made people think it is another popularity stunt. Most of the followers believe in a moment of such panic, chaos and being so physically hurt that they couldn’t even talk properly, why did they choose to make a video? While the majority of the people call it a prank to garner views, some are defending saying they wanted to keep the followers updated.
Here is what the internet community is saying:

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