People Had A LOT To Say About It Aamir Liaquat Becoming Part Of 24NewsHD – Look Here

You cant simply define controversy without talking about Dr. Aamir Liauqat. Being famous among people for a lot of reasons, people react quite actively to everything he does –  especially beause it takes everyone by surpise, every single time.

Similar reaction was seen when Dr Aamir Liauqat announced on Twitter that he is joining channel24NewsHD. The chanel is not as popular as compared to the previous that Dr Amir Liaquat has been associated with, but it will surely be the topic of the dicussion now as he is starting his program here soon.

He made to the headlines previously after unexpetedly announcing to leave BOL channel in the midde of a live transmission – well that’s how he is, he likes to give us surprises. He later claimed on Twitter that he has formally disconnected with the channel and it still owes him his dues.

People definitely didnt see the news of his affiliation with the new channel coming as well and twitter was exploding with comments. Public’s comments on how frequnently does he change channels are absolutely hilarious and they certainly have a lot to say about it.
See what the people are saying:

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