People Mocking Imran Khan’s Wife’s Dressing Shows How Confused We Are As A Society

The internet has risen its voice against a lot of societal issues and undoubtedly, we have collectively made a difference as well. We have spoken about rights of transgenders, sexual harassment, and existing power structure, creating an acceptability for the issues that were previously regarded as tabooed. But it still remains a question whether these words are mere words or we are practically following them in our lives.
We verbally support the notion that everyone has the right to make their choices of how they want to lead their lives, but whether our views lie more on conservative end or liberal, our reaction is pretty much the same when we see someone who doesn’t resonate with our beliefs.

Our extremely obnoxious reaction to anyone who tries to challenge what we think is true shows that we have broke silence on it, but we still need to work a lot to have the capacity to practically absorb it.
Imran Khan’s third marriage has initiated a debate and of course, what we have seen before as well, the affair is being used to politically harm his image as it is the best time to do so. But what’s even more disgusting is how people are comparing Khan’s previous marriages saying that his choice has ‘downgraded’. It is not only disrespectful and intrusive of someone’s privacy, but it also reveals our extremely hypocritical behavior. Our standards to judge someone keeps fluctuating accordingly, and unfortunately, it is a collective societal behavior that has induced in our personalities.
Here is what people have to say on the subject:

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