Perfect blend of a dreamy Iraqi-Pakistani wedding [SEE PICTURES]

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Beautiful pictures of an Iraqi-Pakistani wedding have been making the rounds on social media, and people can’t help but swoon over the couple.

Mahd and Khadija had the perfect blend of a dreamy Iraqi-Pakistani wedding. Khadija always dreamed of including the traditional dupatta curtain during her Iraqi Nikkah.

While sharing photos of the wedding on her Instagram, Khadija said, “Just like they did in our parents and grandparents time, where your sisters and friends hold the veil between you while you see each other for the first time, and then they drop it after your Nikkah. While I had my Nikkah in an Iraqi style, I knew I still wanted to incorporate this tradition into my day.”

During the ceremony, the bride chose to wear Pakistani attire and spoke about her experience having an Iraqi Nikkah, “While I chose to wear Pakistani attire during my wedding, having an Iraqi style Nikkah was something I definitely wanted to experience.”

During the Nikkah, the bride places her feet in the water and reads from the Quran while sugar cane is ground over her head onto a white cloth, as a sign of sweet beginnings. A mirror is also held opposite her. Cardamon is placed between her knuckles and between the pages of the Quran to symbolize rizq.

Once the Nikkah is read, the sugar grains are placed into the water, emptied onto grass or anywhere flowers can grow, symbolizing new life.

In front of the bride is a beautiful Sufra with various items that hold different meanings.

“My in-laws made the experience so wonderful, and I couldn’t imagine doing it any other way,” said Khadija.

See Pictures Here:

Iraqi Pakistani wedding

Iraqi Pakistani wedding

Iraqi Pakistani wedding

Iraqi Pakistani wedding

Iraqi Pakistani wedding

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