What are the Perks and Privileges of CSS officers in Pakistan?

Civil Service of Pakistan gives you enough opportunities to develop your skills throughout your career.

perks and privileges of CSS officers

Central Superior Services is a highly competitive and prestigious exam for which thousands of aspirants compete every year, but only a few succeed.

After clearing CSS exams, the candidates go through training in the Pakistan Civil Services Academy before joining their respective divisions.

There are many perks and privileges of being a CSS officer in Pakistan. CSS is an elite cadre because these are federal officers. Civil Service of Pakistan gives you enough opportunities to develop your skills throughout your career. It sharpens your decision-making skills and improves your professional caliber.

The opportunities for promotion are vast. Once you pass CSS, you join the government on a basic pay scale of 17. The highest grade is basic pay scale 22.

Moreover, CSS officers work as Commissioners and Assistant commissioners of various districts. They can join the services as district police officers, diplomats, customs officers, and foreign service officers.

Salary of a CSS officer

The basic salary of a CSS officer is 30370 including, 4 Adhoc allowances (2016,2017,2018,2019) of 10k combined are currently being added in pay. There is also a medical allowance (1846 Rs), a Conveyance allowance (5k), and house rent (roughly 4k to 6k).

Deductions including GP fund, BF fund would be 6k roughly. So, the minimum net salary without any departmental allowance, qualification allowance, charge allowance is anywhere between 45k to 55k. Most of the groups, however, have their own allowances.

Here are some perks and privileges enjoy by CSS Officers in Pakistan:

  1. Govt Residency
  2. High-level job security
  3. High salary
  4. medical attendance
  5. Authority and Protocol
  6. Official Vehicle facility
  7. Security Guards
  8. Lifetime pension and other retirement benefits

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