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If a convicted criminal is allowed to travel for treatment, others should be too – PTI MPA writes letter to the President

  • Arsalan Taj wrote an open letter to President Alvi seeking equal treatment for all sick prisoners in Pakistani jails.
  • Arsalan Taj mainly focused on the prisoners with severe medical conditions in the jails all over Pakistan.
  • ”If convicted Nawaz Sharif can go abroad then every sick prisoner should be given the same exceptions.”

PTI MPA Arsalan Taj, a member of Sindh Assembly, wrote an open letter to the President of Pakistan Arif Alvi seeking equal treatment for the sick prisoners in Pakistani jails.

Severe Medical Conditions

Arsalan Taj mainly focused on the prisoners with severe medical conditions in the jails all over Pakistan.

”If the government can allow Nawaz Sharif, a convicted person to go abroad for his treatment, then all the patients, especially with the serious conditions, should be treated the same way”

– Taj.

The letter reads, “

After a recent precedent has been set by the Government of Pakistan to allow a convicted person, Mr. Nawaz Sharif, to travel abroad for his medical treatment, I seek your office to allow all the inmates with severe medical conditions, especially terminally ill patients in Pakistani jails, to be given the same facilities.”

Arsalan Taj mentioned the records from 2014-2016 in his letter, which he presented in the provincial assembly. He said due to lack of proper medical facilities, 90 prisoners died in Sindh Jail.

”No Problem with Nawaz Sharif”

He further added that he has no problem with Nawaz Sharif going abroad for treatment, and his best wishes are with him.

”I am just requesting equal rights for every prisoner in all jails of Pakistan. Everybody should be treated equally so I request President Arif Alvi to please consider my suggestions”, Arsalan Taj.

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  • its nor Changes Khans period, have work on the different options, Khan is going after the Noora mafia and has broken the "QABAL" there are other stakeholders, our economy is starving for funds, if the govt. has make a deal and some money is paid, it's a better option, PTI workers must show some more political maturity.

  • Abdl Sy
    100% correct for sake of allahtallah and pakistan lets all support 100% imran khan to completely change this system at lower level. So this way no PM or leader of this country dare to loot our home. Ameen. Its now or never. Abhee nahee toe kubh.

    Zuburdust video genius honest to good video by mr waqar malick subhanallah jazakallah mr malick may allahtallah reward you for making this true analysis and showing dedhis video clip. We are very lucky we still have honest and patriotic honest people like waqar malick dedhi and journalist moid saheb subhanallah. Its now or never pmln ppp juif etc are evil shaitaan supporting pakistans enemies. Its our home sweet home lets do right honest thing as a musalman lets support 100% imran khan alhumdulliallah lets save our home. Trust allah n make a gooD decision please

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