What This Person Went Through For Standing Up Against Police’s Injustices Shows A Disturbing Picture of Abuse of Power

As we advance in our journey to social change and rejecting disgraceful practices that are disrespectful to a human being, every day has become a challenge that we need to overcome.
Just like controlling yourself, closing eyes to these wrongdoings, is a hard task, standing up and speaking against it isn’t easy either.
However, those who are willing to fight for a change, do stand in their own capacities to galvanize the process. One of those brave individuals is Hashim Kaleem.

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He shared the details of the incident – what he stood for and what he had to suffer for it – on his Facebook. Hashim shared a harrowing picture of how authoritative class exploits the vulnerable and actually denies them their rightfully earned money as well.

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The incident took place in Barkat Market, Lahore where the roads are crowded with children who in their school going age are indulged in child labour, struggling to get their ends met. Already earning as low as 20 rs per day, Hashim saw a kid washing police response unit’s car repeatedly although it was clean. He went up to the kid, asking how much he’s paid for doing so and the kid replied, ‘’Yeh sarkaari gari hai’’.


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Hashim then gathered up the courage to go ask the police individuals themselves that why he’s not paying a child labourer who’s daily earning is insufficient. The question angered the officers and they said to him that it’s a crime to question the police, they abused him, slapped him and tore his shirt off later taking him to the police station. One of the officers tore off the piece of his own shirt and harassed him, saying that they’ll file an FIR against him for attacking the police. Later, SHO came and listened to Hashim’s side of the story and questioned him if he had done A-Levels, apologized and let him go. Hashim concluded his post saying, that imagine he was someone who hadn’t done A levels or didn’t belong to the privileged class, his treatment wouldn’t have been any better than how these poor child workers are treated and exploited.

Here is his detailed post:

After the story went viral on social media, Hashim updated the followers with a recent development in the case. He told that SP Nadeem and DSP Ateeq have suspended the police officials involved. On his visit to Qurban Lines police headquarters, he was also sued that they will be sacked in the coming week.

Hashim thanked Punjab police for swift action against abuse of power and ‘’policegiri’’ and said that he will be taking a delegation of child workers to Qurban lines where they will receive an official apology from the suspended individuals.

With exposing the horrible picture of privileged and exploitation in the society Hashim’s brave act shows that an individual is capable of bringing change if, he’s determined enough.

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