Personal information of Tiger Force volunteers leaked, Cyber-analyst shares screenshots

Cyber-analyst Zaki Khalid alerted people and shared the screenshots of the PDF files containing the personal data.

Personal information, CNIC details, and phone numbers of thousands of applicants of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Corona Relief Tiger Force (CRTF) are circulating online. 

To assist the government with administrative affairs and distribution of ration during the COVID-19 lockdown, PM Khan announced to form a youth task force. The applicants were encouraged to apply via the Pakistan Citizens Portal.

However, the data of the volunteers has been leaked and is being shared across social media platforms, indicating an alarming security breach. Cyber-analyst Zaki Khalid alerted people and shared the screenshots of the PDF files that are being shared in WhatsApp groups.

”ALERT: PDF files and images containing personal data of thousands of Corona Relief Tiger Force volunteers including CNICs, mobile numbers, etc being casually and illegally shared on different unofficial WhatsApp groups”, Zaki wrote, while sharing the screenshots in a Twitter thread. 

The documents include the names of the volunteers, their CNIC, contact, tehsil, union council, age, profession, qualification, skills, and status of registration.

So far, there has been no confirmation from the government’s side as to the authenticity of the allegedly leaked files. One of the PDF files is a signed order purportedly issued by the Pasrur assistant commissioner, detailing private information of Tiger Force members.

“The following members of Tiger Force will remain available at the Utility Store mentioned against their names,” read the order.

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