Pervez Musharraf’s granddaughter turns heads on social media with her debut in entertainment industry [PICTURES]

Maryam shared a glimpse from her upcoming music video, which is available on YouTube.


The Former Pakistani President General (retd.) Pervez Musharraf’s granddaughter, Maryam Raza, has been turning heads on social media. She made her directorial debut with the music video for the song ‘Pyaar Da Meter. ‘ 

Musharaf’s only daughter Ayla Musharraf is an architect, whereas his son-in-law, Asim Raza, is a renowned film and commercial television director.



The couple has two daughters, Maryam Raza and Zainab Raza.

Recently, Maryam shared a glimpse from her upcoming music video, which is available on YouTube. The track is by artist Taha G, and it stars Sabeena Syed.

Interestingly, both sisters are part of the music video as Maryam makes her directorial debut, whereas Zainab Raza has done the cast’s styling.

However, Maryam’s father, Asim Raza, is best known for his movies. He gave us films like Parey Hut Love,  Ho Mann Jahaan, and Maan Jao Naa. Asim is also credited with launching artists like Ramsha Khan and Bilal Abbas Khan.

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  • If imran khan wishes to Save Pakistan bring muhajirs back in powers like before ayub khan era. Ayub benefited immensely due to hard work of muhajirs however he acted like any other racist Pakistani non muhajir general turned politician ousted muhajirs and put Pakistan of the path of destruction. So please Punjabi establishment have mercy on Pakistan and take this great out of misty. They need to bury their ego just for once plz otherwise It will not be far when Pakistanis will be going to Bangladesh and Afghanistan for jobs. At least take Karachi under federal control or allow mqm altaf to participate freely with strict condition of no violence. Plz decide before it’s too late for everyone even for punjabis. Punjabis establishment do fast before this cash dies of maltreatment and abuse.

    • Ayub Khan’s decision of changing Federal Capital to Islamabad is still a questionable topic. However , he was not a voice of all Pashtuns either, since NAP (parent party of ANP) would also oppose him and support Fatima Jinnah in presidential elections. Moreover his (infamous) son Gohar Ayub would later on serve in different governing cabinets including the one headed by Parvez Musharraf.

      Regarding Mohajirs, I guess the initial step is Mohajir unity and identity getting realized in a multinational/multicultural and diverse country like Pakistan before anything else happens. Altaf Hussain’s personality worship and ego have actually damaged Mohajirs more than anything else. He has had love and hate relationship with army and/or establishment for all these years. Mohajirs can’t fight with all ethnicities or communities and the major trouble they face in present day Sindh is Sindhi Nazism . I have got mixed opinion about what you call “Punjabi establishment” or “Punjabi lobby”. However you can speak about creating new provinces out of Punjab while sitting in Lahore, Sargodha or Rawalpindi. Try speaking about doing same with Sindh ANYWHERE in Pakistan ,and then notice consequences on behalf of Sindhi nationalists

      • Completely agree with you. Muhajirs are main casualty of tribal and multicultural nature of Pakistani society. I wish to see Pakistani society built in merit not cast sect or ethnicities. As you said rightly that violence can’t solve problem. If establishment can create GB province despite opposition of Kashmiris similar can be done for Karachi but establishment using Karachi soba or federally controlled Karachi as a threat for sindhis. Establishment is destroying Pakistan.

        • Being a mahajir, I don’t want to be identified as mahajir as a cultural identity.
          But rather I want to be known as a Karachite. Karachi should be a metropolitan province on the likes of New York, that should contain Karachi, Malir, Lyari etc.

          A multiethnical city should belong to all and should be separated on basis of administration only.

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