[PICTURES] Pervez Musharraf’s latest photos has people inquiring about his health

In the picture, Musharraf looks quite ill and weak. According to reports, the retired general is currently seeking medical treatment in Dubai.

Pervez Musharraf’s health does not look good.

Recently, the All Pakistan Muslim League took to Twitter to share a photo of the former Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf. The picture was captioned with:

We are requesting you all to pray for the health and security of General Pervez Musharraf. Thank you.

In the picture, Musharraf looks quite ill and weak. According to reports, the retired general is currently seeking medical treatment in Dubai.

Here is the tweet by APML:

Following the post, The Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Fawad Chaudhry took to Twitter to share the picture and to wish Musharraf good health:


Musharraf’s picture went viral as soon as it was posted on Twitter. The post by The APML has raised serious concerns among netizens regarding the former president’s health.

Here’s what people have to say about APML’s latest post:

Some are wishing Musharraf good health

While others are hoping the former president gets well just so that he can ‘face the courts of Pakistan’.

A Recap

Musharraf was sentenced to death by a special bench in a treason case under Article 6 of the Constitution on the 17th of December, 2019. The law states:

Any person who abrogates or suspends the Constitution “by use of force or show of force” is guilty of high treason.

It should be noted that the PML-N government had filed the treason case against Musharraf over his decision to impose an extra-constitutional emergency in November 2007.

Musharraf was indicted in the case in March 2014 for suspending the Constitution in 2007. Then the former president left Pakistan to seek medical treatment in Dubai in 2016 and hasn’t returned since.

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  • اللّٰہ آسانی فرمائے صحت وتندرستی دے آمین

  • کاش یہ بندہ اینُ آ ر او والا بلنڈر نہ کرتا تو پاکستان کی اتنی تباہی بھی نہ ہوتی جس اسکے جانے کے بعد حرام زادوں گشتی زادوں۔ نے کی

    اللہ اس کو صحت دے

  • Laanat ho tum logo pe jo aik dictator jis nay khud kaha us nay Pakistaniyo ko bechaa aur jis nay qom ke 10 saal tabah kiye, logo pe cia ke qaatil khulay choray aur 70 hazar log qatal huway , bugti ko qatal kiya aur mulk ko aur bhi kamzor kiya. Laanat ho tum sub pe

    • KAKA g is ne aap ki ammi ka balatkaar bhi kiya hai isliye to aap is duniya mein aye hain LoL

    • May tumhain Gaali nahi doonga , tum nay jo kaha woh tumharay saath ho ke rahay ga kiyun ke ye Allah ka hukam hay ! Agar tum yahan maafi maango tho may nay maaf kiya .Baqi theri marzi.

  • Musharraf Era was one of best Era happened for Pakistan, after Ayub Khan. After what happened today in Islamabad, use the constitution for toilet papers.

  • People who say Musharraf was a traitor, are Uneducated Crook, covert, corrupt racist politicians if you ask them to put on Military’s uniforms and place them on LOC the will wet their pants in minuts
    Because Pakistan belong to JAHILL NATION.

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