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Pervez Musharraf’s Exclusive Interview With From Dubai

If we view the political seasons of Pakistan post-independence, we all will agree that it is nothing more than a tug of war between democracy and dictatorship.

This country, for the most time, faced the military rule. A valuable player of this game is Gen (R) Pervez Musharraf.

Pervez Musharraf is a retired four star General. He served as thirteenth Chief Of Army Staff and tenth Chairman Of Joint Chiefs. When talking about his career in Army, there aren’t many people who come parallel to his achievements. Moreover, Pervez Musharraf also served as President of Pakistan, heading the military government from 1999 to 2007.

Career in Armed Forces:


During his years in the army, he participated in significant military activities including the 1965 war.

History knows him as the main ‘strategist’ behind the controversial Kargil war. After (then) Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif withdrew his support from the war, the army was left with no choice except evacuating the captured posts. The result was massive blood loss. The government refused to accept the dead bodies, which triggered the army, forming a base for the military coup.


Pervez Musharraf As The Tenth President Of Pakistan:


In 1999, Army took over replacing the PML-N government. Army rule continued for three years, and later Musharraf formally appointed himself as the president after holding a referendum.


His era faced criticism due to three main events:


1) Lobbying and having an inclination towards the US after 9/11

2) The Lal Masjid Seige

3) Suspending Chief Justice Of Pakistan Iftikhar Chaudhary.

Exclusive Talk With

There aren’t many people who have a critical know-how about establishment as well as the political aero-sphere, so our team decided to interview Ex Chief Of Army Staff and President, Pervez Musharraf.

After the decision of Panama and disqualification of Mr. Nawaz Sharif, we turned to our discussion forum and asked our respectable audience about the particular areas you wanted Pervez Musharraf to enlighten.

In his exclusive talk with in Dubai, he gave positive remarks on the Supreme Court’s decision calling it a ‘silent revolution.’ He also commented on the current and upcoming scenario of the country.

To know more about what he said, see the complete interview:

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