Peshawar High Court Orders Taking Over Protesting Private Schools and Freezing Their Bank Accounts

KPK private schools announced a two-day protest on Monday against KP PSRA (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Private School Regulatory Authority). The KP assembly previously passed a Private School Regulatory Authority Act, challenging the ‘education businesses’.
President of one of the main bodies of the private school’s associations, Hub of Private Education (HOPE) Aqeel Razaq, said the PSRA notice is illegal. According to the notice, the private schools had to allow only 3% yearly increase in free, offer a discount for the second child studying in the school is first is getting education paying full fee in the same institute and didn’t mention paying the fee during the holidays.


As a protest, the school remained closed today and yesterday. Aqeel Razzaq said:
“We cannot accept this notification and announced protest against it. Our demands are not illegal. These are within the country’s law”
Peshawar High Court today has ordered to strike the takeover of the private schools in the province and ordered to freeze their bank accounts.  Justice Waqar Ahmad Seth and Justice Mohammad Ayub heard the case of private schools’ fees today. The High Court combined different cases related to the failed implementation of the court order on private schools.

Source: DAWN

During the hearing, Provincial Regulatory Authority’s managing director Zafar Ali Shah was present while Abbas Khan represented the parents saying that the court could not implement the High Court’s decision of three percent increment in the fee and the figures are instead ten percent. MD KPK RA advocated saying that they have started taking serious actions against those failing to implement the orders. The High Court ordered to assure that the orders are being followed and take the schools violating it in control.

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