Peshawar Zalmi Captain Darren Sammy ‘Yousafzai’ is also a Fan of Kaptaan Chappal

Peshawar’s famous ‘Kaptaan’ shoemaker, Chacha Noorudin, has won hearts of thousands of people with his extraordinary shoes in the market.

The list of his clients is long and it includes some very famous names including Prime Minister Imran Khan, President Alvi and many other top politicians of the country. Now, Chacha Noorudin has decided to expand his fanbase further. The prominent shoemaker was seen gifting his trademark shoes to the Peshawar Zalmi foreign playing including the fan’s favorite, Darren Sammy popularly called Darren Sammy Khan Yousafzai in KPK.

“I designed more than 40 pairs of the Peshawari Chappal for all the players and the team management in three colors – brown, mustard, and tiger print. Since we could get their exact foot sizes, we managed to complete the task in time,” Chacha Noorudin told a foreign media outlet. 

He further added that he is a fan of the Peshawar based franchise, which is why he decided to go all the way to Karachi to gift them the shoes.

Darren Sammy thanked Noorudin for his gift on behalf of the Peshawar Zalmi team. He added that he would “buy a Peshawar dress to compliment the chappals.” 

The ‘Kaptaan chappals’ were not so popular until PM Khan was spotted donning them regularly during his political campaigns. The PM has been a big fan of these sandals and is rarely seen without them, even during his foreign trips.


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