PFA Bans Three Famous ‘Mineral’ Water Companies, Declared Them Damaging For Health – Read Here

We are not habitual of keeping a track of what we consume, that leads to being the cause of most of the common diseases found. But that still doesn’t cover up for the fact that established brands, whom we trust with our health, need to deliver what they claim to do as well, which in Pakistan is a rare sight.
Consumers being unaware of their rights usually end up being exploited by these established brand names, making them prone to damage. This can be perfectly reflected that out of 14 mineral water brands commonly consumed in Pakistan, not even single one of them met the criteria of being labeled as ‘mineral’ water.

Pakistan Food Authority collected samples from 14 mineral water companies available across Lahore. The samples were then sent Pakistan Council of Scientific And Industrial research. The bottled companies that went through the testing included: Springley, Zam Zam, Murree Sparklets, Nestle Pure Life, Pure Drinking Water, Bottle Water, Naimat, Kinz, Sparkle, Blu Water, Aqua Safe, Kinley, Sufi, and Aquafina.

Out of these, only 11 were declared safe for drinking, however still not meeting the claim of ‘mineral water’.
Aquafina, Kinley, and Springley were declared worst on the quality scale, therefore banning the sale of these three companies. PFA has immediately ordered to stop the production immediately and asked the companies to call back their stock already present in the market. Director General PFA has informed the representatives of the banned companies that they do have the right to appeal. Upon appeal, the samples will again be tested.

The inclusion of Aquafina in the banned companies is disappointing in particular as previously it was declared the ‘safest’ Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA). Post this, Aquafina was the only drinking water being sold at most universities and schools.

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