80 out of 132 Ph.D. scholars, who went abroad on HEC scholarships, didn’t return to Pakistan

They collectively caused a loss of of Rs. 955 billion.


According to the reports, 80 out of 132 Ph.D. scholars, who went abroad after getting scholarships through the Higher Education Commission (HEC), didn’t return to Pakistan after completing their research.

Meeting of the PAC

These statistics were made public by the HEC officials during a meeting of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) when they presented the annual audit report for 2018. The meeting was presided over by PTI MNA Noor Alam Khan.

HEC officials informed that the remaining 52 Ph.D. scholars failed their examinations and returned to Pakistan without getting their degree. In this process, the national exchequer experienced a loss of Rs. 955 billion.

HEC rules require students, who study abroad at the expense of the Pakistani government, to return back to Pakistan and serve for a minimum of five years.

Recovery of financial losses

When asked about the recovery of financial losses from these 52 Ph.D. scholars, it was told that only one student had returned the expenses to the HEC. The commission was forced to begin legal proceedings against the rest of the students to recover the losses. 24 cases have been won by the HEC up till now, while the remaining 27 cases will be concluded soon as well.

HEC’s new policy

HEC has now formulated a new policy. Under this, Ph.D. students will be granted scholarships after they submit the record and original documents of their properties in Pakistan to avoid such situations.

In case a student doesn’t return to Pakistan, HEC would have the authority to confiscate the property.

MNA Noor Alam Khan expressed apprehension over this new policy and said this will reduce the chances of students from humble backgrounds to study abroad. To this objection, HEC officials said most of the 80 students, who hadn’t returned, belonged to the lower to lower-middle class. This is why such a policy has been devised.

The MNA then advised that HEC should allow students, without properties or assets, to submit an attorney or guarantor to the commission in order to receive the scholarships.

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  • reality bites…….. HEC refused to pay the scholarship on lump sum basis…..in the middel of phd semester HEC cancelled thier scholarship depriving students from monay and other benefits……so students took matter into thier own hands and got scholarships and stipinds available at Universitities….

  • HEC Annual Budget 2019 = 100 billion ruppees approx.
    955,000,000,000 = 955 billion,
    955,000,000,000/80 students = 11,937,500,000 which mean HEC spent or spending 11 billion 93 crore 75 lakh per student to get their scholarship from foreign university…………….

    (Please report verified 2018 Financial Audited Amount). Thank You !

  • Stop the program!!! All Govt. owns Medical and Engineering Colleges Should be sold to save money. Use this money for Primary and Secondary education. These doctors and Engineer complete their degree with tax payers money and then leave the country. This will also end the Quota system fraud.

  • Oothay kehray o professor laggay nain…….mostly doing menial jobs but don’t wish to go back given circumstances in Pakistan.

  • Plz don’t put forward the rule of submitting original documents of properties in Pakistan because a lot of parents would not take this risk. Plz devise some other policy but not this one.

  • If a government can’t bring back a student, using it’s legal force from abroad, how they bring criminals? Get one back, rest will follow

  • یہاں 90% لوگ اس وقت تک شریف ہیں جب تک انہیں دو نمبر کام۔کرنے کا موقع نہیں مل جاتا، یہ زرداری و نواز سے بڑے بےغیرت لوگ ہیں حرام خور۔۔۔ انکے گھر والوں کی گڈی سے پیسے نکلوانے چاہئیے۔۔۔خنزیر کی اولاد

  • First of all the figure 955 billion is unrealistic. The figure shows that HEC spent approximately 8 billion rupees on each student which at least I cannot believe is possible. Secondly, if even they are working abroad still their earnings are coming back to Pakistan, which is not a bad deal by keeping the job market situation before us.

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