Physically-Challenged Web Developer And Social Activist – Meet Waqas Ahmed, A Hero

Human, by nature, is resilient. We are created to take challenges and win them. But while discovering that unreal ability that we have – we break down, we slip, we fall and we give up. This world has seen many heroes who saw these challenges in the eye, told themselves ‘they are more than this’ and defeated them with grace. But few stories are so touching and beautiful that with convincing us to appreciate them, it inspires a new hope in us to channelize our energy and give a new meaning to our lives.

We introduce you to one of those heroes today. Meet Waqas Ahmed – a fighter who despite having disabilities has brought the challenges life threw at him to their knees. Waqas not only completed his studies at one of the most reputed institutes in Pakistan, Government College University (GCU) Lahore but also owns an online business, is a professional web developer, a social activist and owns a welfare organization.

Having disabled hands, Waqas operates and works on the laptop using his nose. But that is not everything he has done to stand as a heroic figure. With being an unmatched example of valour and determination with everything he achieved in his own life, Waqas is a heart-warming example of empathy and compassion as well.

The physically-challenged man with a wide smile on his face is not unknown to the underprivileged community in Lahore. A role model for social activism in Pakistan and across the world, Waqas’s organization Pace2Life provides welfare to the lesser-fortunate in a number of spheres. With providing disability support and rehabilitation, the organization also organizes food drives, educational programs, awareness campaigns, health programs and disaster relief and management.

With everything Waqas stands for in his unique, individualistic and distant capacity, he surely is the paradigm of a successful human being. Not only has he lighten his own life up despite being challenged, he is determined to brighten the lives of those as well who are yet to discover their own abilities.

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