PIA Continues to Perform Well, Increased Revenue up to 41pc in the Last Six Months

Total of 777 planes are functional and part of the fleet whereas the handling of cargo has been increased up to 80 percent.

  • According to the CEO of PIA, the revenue of the entity is increased by 41 percent in the first six months of 2019.
  • More aircraft will be included in the fleet in the next couple of months and will continue to add for the next three years.
  • Discounts of 5pc and 7pc will be offered to domestic and international passengers simultaneously.

six months

On Monday, the chief executive officer of PIA Air Marshal Arshad Mahmood Malik says that Pakistan International Airline’s revenue has increased by 41 percent during the last six months.

He further said due to the effective measures that have been taken earlier PIA is able to perform well. While addressing the Korangi Association of Trade and Industry (KATI) CEO of PIA said PIA’s health has improved up to a large extent.

More aircraft adding to fleet

CEO added, more aircraft would be inducted into the fleet in the next couple of months. More planes will continue to add in PLA’s fleet until the next three years. Pakistan international airlines have started its flight to Toronto, Canada and soon the number of flights to Dubai will be increased he said.

To improve services like cargo many substantial steps have been taken. For the betterment and improvement of external trade, many measures were underway and for the business community, PIA has established especial counters.

Discounts for customers

For its customers, PIA will give discounts up to 5 percent on passenger services fees domestically. Whereas the 7 percent discount is for international flights to the business community.

Currently, 777 planes are functional and part of the fleet. While the handling of cargo has been increased up to 80 percent. All these steps will help the airline to bring down losses. As the entity greatly suffered due to poor management and negligence in the past.

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