PIA Fined 72,000 Riyal For Leaving Passengers’ Luggage in Saudi Arabia

Pakistan International Airlines’ (PIA) flights getting delayed and leaving the passengers’ luggage abroad is not a new thing.

Yesterday, a Karachi bound flight of the national flag-carrier had left the luggage of as many as 80 passengers at the Jeddah airport. Following the continuous incompetence of the PIA administration, the Saudi authorities has fined the nation flag-carrier 72,000 riyal (2972887 PKR).

Furthermore, the PIA will also pay for the luggage, it had left at the Jeddah airport. The passengers were ensured to bring back their luggage after they staged a protest at the Karachi airport.

Reportedly, the luggage was left due to the shortage of space in the flight .

As per an audit report, the Pakistan International Airlines had lost the luggage of passengers worth over Rs20 million in last five years.


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  • It’s about time PIA fired all incompetent staff and in Particularly managers appointed as political favours. Employ well educated people and supervised them well. Promotion should be on the basis of achieving set objectives on annual basis.

    • It is more of an attitude issue rather than incompetency. Such people must be fired without compensation.

      There is also an issue of excessive discretions without a check at the check in counters wherein excess baggage is accepted without fee from friends and friends of friends.

  • Political appointments by PPP producing expected results. Need to legislate to make sure such appointments are nullified and the the authorities are penalised by imprisonment and fines.

  • It’s not only PIA Air Canada is also done this manytime things do happen I still believe PIA is doing excellent now when you look many years back PIA keep it up

  • The Station Manager, PIA, at Jeddah airport must be forced to resign + he must pay a penalty of Rs 1,000,000 from his pocket

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