PIA generates more revenue in the last six months than in the last six years

The state-own entity PIA has started moving its development and stability phase after witnessing massive growth in its revenue.

  • PIA witnesses a record high up to 45 percent in the last six months.
  • State-own entity after reformation generates revenue of Rs63 billion in the first six months of the fiscal year 2019.
  • The expenditure reduces to Rs1.70 billion from Rs3 billion by cutting unnecessary expenses.
  • Earning of PIA in the current year hikes up to 84pc in the SAT factor.


A national flag carrier organization Pakistan international airline (PIA) has witnessed a record high up to 45pc. The administration of PIA while talking to a source says the entity helped in generating a revenue of Rs63 billion. All the reformations are finally paying off says the administration.

Under the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan, significant growth has been recorded in its revenue. Moreover, following the reformation process and austerity moves the state-own entity has started moving its development and stability phase.

Massive improvement compare to last 6 years

According to the media source, the performance of PIA was above expectations. As in the last six months, PIA generated revenue of Rs63 billion. While the revenue generated in the last six years was only Rs43 billion. This is a massive improvement while comparing the performance with the previous six years.

Cutting Expenditure

PIA achieves the milestone by cutting unnecessary expenses up to Rs3 billion. The expenditure reduces to Rs1.70 billion by the current administration of the organization  and chief executive officer Arshad Malik.

SAT Factor

Further says the sources, that income increases up to 43pc over every kilometer. Whereas, when it comes to SAT factor PIA’s earning hikes up to 84pc in the current year.

It is relevant to refer here that the SAT factor of PIA had been recorded up to 77 percent. However, the national banner bearer held its lead in IATA’s [International Air Transport Association] SAT factor this year.

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  • All lies.They can’t  even pay employees salaries and fuel charges due to lack of funds.Any administration would claim such success.It is easy to narrate one’s  failure as a successs story.This is exactly what the holy cows are doing to our country

  • We are entering into the 3rd week of september and salaries have not been paid yet.Allowances for last 11 months have not been paid.It is the employees hard earned money that has been held and shown as profit/revenue to blind and deaf public

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