PIA now allows you to pre-purchase additional baggage allowance at a 50% discount

Travel more, pay less!

Tired of always worrying about exceeding the allowed weight limit? The one thing we all fret about traveling is the limit to baggage which puts us in a difficult spot. You ask why? Well, because you can’t take all that shopping and gifts and must-haves in the allowance that comes with the tickets.

Following pre-reserve seat purchase, now the national airline is bringing in more baggage allowance for its valuable passengers. The facility will be available on selected international and domestic routes.

The national flag carrier understands your dilemma and now introduces a new product on selected routes to bring you added convenience where you can purchase excess weight in multiples of 5 kgs up from the time of ticketing up till 4 hours prior to flight departure and save up to 50% discount. You can buy the extra weight through the PIA offices globally, selected travel agents in Pakistan, virtual agents domestic and international, or the PIA website.

Maximum baggage limit has been set according to the destination:

The maximum baggage limit has been set according to the destination, which you can find out at the time of purchase or from the PIA call center 111-786-786, with an amazing value of being able to buy an additional piece for Toronto!

So if you know that you are going to have excess baggage buy it now or you will end up paying double the price at the airport, because they ain’t letting that extra baggage go for free!!!

 Next time you are traveling, you don’t have to travel light because you now have an option to pack a little more with PIA’s exclusive and much-needed advance excess baggage allowance.

It is great to see our national carrier improving their services and bringing great values almost every day!! Onward and upward PIA!!!!

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  • Masha Allah, PIA head doing very good job, he’s doing his best, I wish him the best. He must concentrate now, to good service during flight, it matters a lot to passengers. I travel usually from Jeddah to Karachi rout, very bad service of staff.

  • This is something really GREAT, I just reserved my flight for Toronto two days back for November 10th and was worried about 2 extra pieces of luggage, it solved my problem and I will definitely avail this opportunity, very nice and appreciable offer after a very long time.

  • Dear Pia. Start more flight to Gulf countries. Also allow the Visitor to take more laugage same like before when we are buying tiket almost 30/US dollars 20/kg almost. Compare your price Air Blu . that your price if 10/US dollars extra its will be ok but allow for extra laugage. For extra laugage we will pay during the time to buy the tiket.

    Best Regards

  • Its great effort that new management have done Bravo !But its not clear how much more extra luggage allowed n what will b the cost?

  • Great idea, I hope they implement this very soon.
    I always have extra luggage that I have to leave behind.

  • There planes are terrible and staff have no training.food is discusting and planes seat are dirty.last time I travelled on that Airline. Never travelled after that because ppl still are saying that p i a is a terrible service.

  • I believe that this is a good a good idea! But I think it would work better if PIA lowered the luggage allowance and made their pricing much more competitive. This would make an ideal solution for people travelling light could benefit from a reasonably cheap flight and people with more luggage can put what they’ve saved towards purchasing extra luggage allowance.

  • Hi dear en logun ne already weight com kar diya hy 40 kg de 30 kg kar diya hy 1 October se

  • I have got the extra luggage and went to PIA office in Al-Khobar, for the addition. But they refused. They said, we don’t have the extra luggage facility and you have to go to airport and pay the extra. (SAR.50/- PER KG).

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