PIA revenue increased by 30% in the initial 6 months of 2019

The airline also recently brought two grounded aircraft into service.


As per a report revealed by the Aviation Division, the revenue made by Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has increased by 30% in the initial six months of 2019.

“From January to June of the current calendar year, the national flag carrier achieved a breakthrough,” – as revealed by the Aviation Division.

The report also stated that during the first year of the incumbent government, the Aviation Division sketched out a suitable business model to prevent PIA’s accumulated loss of Rs. 450 billion.

The reason for this increase in revenues is the use of new, profitable routes like Islamabad-Doha, Sialkot-Sharah, Lahore-Muscat, Sialkot-Barcelona, Multan-Sharjah, Peshawar-Sharjah, Peshawar-Al-Ain, and Sialkot-Paris.

Significant cost-reduction steps taken by PIA:

Five-year revival plan by PIA/Dawn


The PTI-led government has started a few cost-reduction steps so that the loss of PIA can be narrowed down. The airline, however, assisted by bringing two grounded aircraft into service. The new crafts were expected to make revenues of Rs. 6 billion yearly.

Aviation Division also introduced a National Aviation Policy 2019, under which it issued licenses of regional integration (TPRI) and tourism promotion to increase tourism and regional connectivity in the country.

For tourism licenses, runways, taxiways, and aprons at Chitral, Rawalot, Muzaffarabad (AJK) and Saidu Sharif were renovated. Separation of regulatory and service provider functions of the Civil Aviation Authority for efficiency and improvement in aviation activities was also started. About 3,200 employment opportunities were created under Aviation Divison and with the vision of PM Imran Khan of creating job opportunities for the youth.

Gwadar International Airport inaugurated:

During the year 2019, Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurated the Gwadar International Airport on March 29. Advancement or upgrading of the airfield lighting system at Gwadar and Quetta airports also began. A clean and green drive at all of the country’s major airports also began.

After a hiatus that lasted for about a decade, British Airways resumed its flights to Pakistan. It operates on the Islamabad-London route only.

“The current government upgraded Faisalabad airport. It also installed primary and secondary radars at Karachi and Lahore airports and Lakpass station.” – the report revealed.

During the first year of the new government, ASF (Airport Security Force) halted laundering of foreign currencies, which was worth Rs. 263 million and stopped the attempts of smuggling 53.4 kg of gold. Drugs and narcotics were seized by authorities, which included 285 kg of drugs of many kids and 14 liters of liquid ice heroin. 385 weapons of all types and ammunition numbering to 14,027 were also seized.

“Timely weather reporting is essential for the aviation sector. Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) manufactured 34 automatic weather stations indigenously at a cheap cost of $5,000 against the international market value of $22,000-25,000,” – the report added.

PMD installed weather radars in Lahore and Sukkur in collaboration with Japan. 42 observatories in Punjab and Sindh for sharing of data was also upgraded. To improve short-range forecasting, new weather radars at PMD headquarters, Islamabad were installed.

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