PIA Staff Member Lashes Out At Passenger For Pointing Out A Potential Air Crash – Watch The Video

Panick, chaos and deteriorating hope – this doesn’t define a plane crash, in fact, these horrible words reflect the condition of the entire airline company.  The financial crisis had already put a strain on quality and comfortability, however, now the image crisis has made people even more concerned.
This particular encounter of the passenger shows the standing and concern of the staff when they are fully aware that they’re putting the lives of dozens of people at stake with a minor mistake.

Asif Siddiqui took to Facebook talking about his recent experience with PIA. He says that his work demands frequent traveling and he was traveling from Sukkur to Karachi on PK 536 when he noticed something dripping from the engine near the wing. Needless to say, that worried him and he immediately informed the staff that examined it, thanked him for informing and left. Later he felt an immediate increase in the speed and they reached the destination before time.

After reaching, the inspection team arrived who had been informed about the condition. Asif says that he went to show the video he made that it might help them. Instead of looking at it and worrying about it, one of the crew members lashed at him for making a video. He asked him the intention behind videotaping it and guessed it was either for social media or news channels.
” kuon aap ko geo main video daini hai social media pe chalani hai? aap ne video kuon banai?”

Here is the video evidence:

It is shameful that these inefficient ATRs are functional and are putting human life in danger. This incident definitely concerned many people especially those who were soon to travel with PIA.

As correctly pointed out by Asif, there is no significant being step taken to improve the condition – except the goat sacrifices.

Along with that, the way the responsible ‘insepection’ team treated the passenger and his complaint how aware they are of the responsibility they have on their shoulders as a service provider.

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