[PICTURES]: PIA’s Ad campaign from 1980 shows national carrier's lost glory

The ad applauded the national carrier's technical and operational standards as well.

Recently The Pakistan International Airlines\\’ (PIA) 1980 campaign resurfaced, which showcases the national carrier\\’s glory days. The successful ad campaign was titled \\’A PIA Aircraft Now Takes Off or Lands Every 6 Minutes on Its World-Wide Network\\’. Naseer Haider\\’s advertisement agency, International Advertising (PVT) Limited Saatchi & Saatchi, ran the campaign.

The newspaper advertisement highlighted PIA\\’s successful era:

PIA follows a schedule of 762 flights a week, that too ensuing a global network of 62 cities across four continents.

The advertisement title indicated that the national carrier either landed or took off every six minutes, signifying the high consumer demand of PIA at the time. The write-up of the advertisement further mentioned PIA\\’s modern fleet of B747s\\’ 109 departures per day. It stated that PIA\\’s A-300s and 707s were in top conditions. Credits of such marvelous maintenance went to the airplane\\’s state of the art engineering department, which was considered one of the best in Asia.

The ad applauded the national carrier\\’s technical and operational standards as well. It maintained that due to high standards, a whopping 44 airlines and agencies were willing to send their personnel to PIA for training purposes.

The airline\\’s present situation is ironic: PIA is bashed for the lack of quality and efficiency in the same areas, for which once it was termed as the best carrier in the 1980s. The airline\\’s engineering department is now under fire.

Pilots have been grounded for dubious licenses. While people question PIA\\’s recruitment policies and standards, Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) ensues strict and staunch investigations into the airline operations. The 1980 advertisement of PIA is evidence of how now the tables have turned.

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  • Lannat to ppp and pml who have destroyed this airline and also all institutions in this country these parties have to pay for the damage why dont the people of pakistan ponder

  • The gorgeous Bhutto times… when we are modern and forward looking, people were looking forward to the modern world and our most beautiful ladies wanted to be air-hostesses, the parents were open minded and willing for their girls to pursue careers. Once Zia stepped in, the country rolled back 100 years, even more. Sadly we are still in that saga and I see no hope in coming 100 years or at least in our life times. This is what happens when a powerful institute, for the sake of obliging their masters, just crush the will, motivation, modern thinking and open mindedness of its poeple and make zombies out of them. 🙁

  • Yes, Gorgeous Bhutto time when the down fall actually started. First partition of country then distruction of Industrial sector by Nationalization policy.

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