IN COMPARISON: PIA's 500 Employees per Aircraft Ratio vs Other Airlines!

The authorities also conducted an in-camera briefing on a report submitted by the Women Protection Committee of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) in the meeting.

On Wednesday, the Senate\\’s standing committee met with Senator Mushahidullah Khan and asked the relevant authorities to follow its earlier recommendation to form a Joint Investigation Team (JIT). This team will be responsible for investigating the construction of the Islamabad International Airport (IIAP) corruption matter.

Senators Faisal Javed, Nauman Wazir Khattak, Manzoor Ahmed Kakar, Syed Muzafar Hussain Shah, Sherry Rehman, Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar, Sajjad Hussain Turi, and Behramand Khan Tangi, senior officers of Aviation Division and PIA also attended the meeting.

The committee suggested that the matter should be submitted to the Prime Minister and the Federal Cabinet because the authorities can act as a significant probe body to expedite the process.

During the meeting, the Aviation Secretary Hassan Jamy briefed lawmakers about ongoing inquiries into the different contract packages, awarded during the airport\\’s construction, conducted by teams of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). Regarding this, he said:

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) had paid Rs. 94 billion to different companies by June 30th, 2020, to construct the airport. Of this, Rs. 81.482 billion was spent under \\’Different Work Packages\\’ and is being probed by the two agencies.

The authorities also conducted an in-camera briefing on a report submitted by the Women Protection Committee of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) in the meeting. Following the briefing, relevant officials talked about the case of harassment at the workplace.

Later, PIA officials shared details about the national flag carrier\\’s Voluntary Separation Scheme (VSS) and its projected financial implications and said:

PIA\\’s total strength was around 14,500 (including outsourced staff) while it currently has a fleet of 29 aircraft, which cost Rs 2.06 billion per month.

Comparing PIA to other airlines, the officials said:

PIA has 500 employees per aircraft, while Qatar has 133, Emirates 231, Turkish 94, and Etihad 211. Qatar Airways is operating with 240 aircraft and an entire staff of 32,000 employees. Emirates operates 269 airplanes with 62,356 employees, Turkish Airlines has 329 aircraft and a workforce of 31,000 people. Etihad Airways has 102 planes.

The officials further explained:

The eligibility for early retirement in PIA is 20 years of service, along with all applicable benefits. However, due to the 20-year-cut-off service limit, employees who have completed 19 years of service may be deprived of terminal benefits allowed with completing 20 years of service.

Addressing the disparity, the officials said:

A cut-off has primarily been based on 18 years of service. The segregation of below 18 years of service has been made in two classes: employees with less than ten years of service and employees who have more than ten years and up to 18 years of service.

The officials further described:

The projected total one-time payout of the VSS for 3,200 employees, including provident fund, stands at Rs. 12.87 billion. In contrast, the annual gross salary impact for these employees will be approximately Rs. 4.2 billion. PIA\\’s management is trying to prepare attractive packages for the employees aspiring to benefit from VSS.

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  • So PIA is a white Elephant ? ..
    I’m pretty sure Steel mill , OGDC , CDA ,Electric companies are in similar tone .

  • PIA like police and like other agencies were stacked with employees without consultations with the Department Effected. They were political appointments to please their cronies. It was not based on any rationale, be it merits or be it as requirements of the depth. So that what IK is to fix besides other million blunders. Good luck IK.

  • Political appointments(by both PPP & PMLN)without merit, Mushahid Ullah Typed Patwaris are sole responsible for that.

  • PIA over staffed should be reduced and merit base educated young staff should be hired and cut down on staff in PIA

  • This should also be investigated which party PML or PPP inducted how many people in PIA on political basis without merit.

  • Mushahidullah was loader in PIA as per Fawad Ch. why he played the role of PIA lifetime spokesperson whenever any new discussed on channels. He is not a competent either professional man

  • Jab PIA ka Porter Mushahidullah Khan or Airblue ka maalik shahid khan abbas jassa log jin ko sirf apna muffad hu..tu PIA kia pakistan ka bhe yah hee hal hu ga….Gaddar

  • Unprofessional log PIA ki commity mi shamil Han . PIA direct employee less then 10’000 and outsource employees 4000 . PIA employee initially salary Rs.25000 and Emirates Qatar Turkish airlines employee initially starting salary Rs.200’000 . ticket price same and PIA employee salary and other facilities very very less. I don’t know why Media and government not face the fact about PIA .

  • Why pia pilots over 60 years of age flying the aircraft for God sake send them back .mr. C.e.O are you waiting for an other accident ?

  • PIA employees have only Rs. 50,000 thousands salary as compared to Emirates and Qatar, etc which have Rs. 400000 lakh…
    Think about it.

  • اس کو چلانے والے انتہائی بے وقوف لوگ ہیں جب یہ اپنا کاروبار کرتے ہیں تو وہ منافع میں جاتا ہے جب یہ حکومت کے ساتھ آتے ہیں تو اس محکمے کا بیڑہ غرق کردیتے ہیں

  • These people are idiots. First find out what the total cost of salaries is in Qatar Airways and Emirates and PIA. The percentage of salary cost is the lowest in PIA.

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