Everything you need to know about PIA’s restructuring plan

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Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) restructuring plan includes a mandatory separation scheme and a Voluntary Separation Scheme (VSS).

Reports are stating that Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has decided to introduce a mandatory separation scheme following its Voluntary Separation Scheme (VSS) as part of its restructuring plan. 

According to sources, a document was submitted to the Supreme Court, which stated:

After completing the VSS, PIA’s management will launch a mandatory separation scheme based on the performances and conducts of its employees. The management will also take drastic cost-cutting measures to transition the national flag carrier into a profitable entity. 

Here is PIA’s restructuring plan.

PIA’s restructuring plan

Following are a few steps the management intends to take:

  • evaluate the performance and punctuality of employees, and lay off any worker considered to be a burden on the national exchequer. PIA plans to reduce the workforce from 14,000 permanent and daily wages workers, most of whom were hired on a political basis over the last ten years, to 7,500 employees.
  • provide golden handshakes to thousands of its employees under the VSS package. 
  • expand the airline’s fleet to 35 by adding six new aircrafts next year.
  • bifurcate the airline into ‘core’ and ‘non-core’ categories. The non-core class will comprise aeronautical engineers, maintenance and repair, and kitchen staff. The core category will include the marketing, human resources, finance, flight services, and procurement departments.

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  • All these reforms happening because one person at the top changed from big criminals like Nawaz, Shabaz, Zardari, To good clean honest person like Pm Imran Khan. PIA even musharf couldn’t change or reform but this government is trying to reform all corrupt and poor managed institutions. Its all fault of poorly developed people of Pakistan that supported and voted for pmln and ppp criminals from mpa’s to Gunda Raaj is getting weak in pakistan and its going towards proper democracy pti Government all because of one person Imran Khan.

  • Every department of Pakistan is under the extrey repair And maintanance under the leadership of Engineer Imran Khan…

  • This was all dhakoo Zardari who screwed PIA. This Dhakoo is trying to wegel out from this current situation by paying some looted money back and not say any thing against the army.

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