‘WuklaGardi’ in PIC Lahore – How a social media page of lawyers played its part in instigating violence

Unfortunately, the lawyers’ community has become the symbol of violence in Pakistan without appropriate actions and punishments.


An unprecedented tragic incident occurred today in PIC Lahore. Following the details of today’s criminal protest of lawyers in PIC, we have to understand the picture of the clash between lawyers and doctors. The protest did not emerge today, a group of lawyers visited Punjab Institute of Cardiology Lahore two weeks ago.

Lawyers being notorious for their “GundaGardi” and vandalism ended up with a fight with PIC staff, as a result beaten by doctors and paramedic staff. Since lawyers have never met such shame and humiliation before, they were eagerly waiting for revenge. Police registered an FIR against the PIC doctors and staff members under sections of ATA.

I must present some details that also provoked the conflict and added fuel to the fire. Lawyers have a social media page with the name “Lawyers of Pakistan”. The admin of page had constantly been infuriating the masses in general and young lawyers in particular about the incident. The posts on the pages were clearly indicating that lawyers will take revenge from doctors.

The social media page was being used as a tool against the doctors, spreading embarrassing remarks and intention of revenge on the day doctors appear in the court. Despite this social media campaign by lawyers, doctors showed a great sense of responsibility; the “Grand Health Alliance Punjab” called on a press conference and apologized publicly from lawyers on PIC clash. The conflict seemed to have been closed by a press conference.

A video that triggered:

A video went viral the other day where a doctor seemed to narrate an encounter with some lawyers that triggered lawyers for today’s protest. Lawyers gathered in large numbers outside PIC on Wednesday and protested against the “degrading viral video”. Lawyers intentionally made this protect viciously and closed all entry and exit doors of PIC which intensified the situation.

Protesters did not stop here; they entered inside PIC and destroyed hospital equipment. The doctors and staff had to run out to save themselves. Police took a delayed action and disperse lawyers with tear gas; lawyers on their way back also broke the doctor’s cars parked outside and also burnt police mobile van.

Unfortunately, four patients died due to protest today. This is the wickedest type of event in Pakistan’s history that stopped medical care of highly sensitive cardio patients for hours. Attacks on hospitals have never been witnessed in civil wars and wars.

Can we think of such actions in responsible states where patients are not safe in hospitals and so-called educated demonstrators make these vulnerable people victims of their atrocities? The culprits involved in these illicit actions must be dealt with severe punishments. The central and provincial governments should take stern action to stop these criminal actions in the future.

Unfortunately, the lawyers’ community has become the symbol of violence in Pakistan without appropriate actions and punishments.

Above all, the common man is watching all this and forced to think about what happens if such incidents occur with him. The society is scared of these humiliating actions and disappointed to see law enforcing agencies’ non-serious response on that. Common people are looking at the rule of law. Punjab government should take ruthless police action against the lawyers who have held PIC hostage for hours and chose a hospital to stage this violent drama.

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