[PICTURES]: 22 Hilarious Online Shopping Fails

Hilarious online shopping frauds will make you reconsider online buying.

Many Pakistanis seem to doubt shopping for products online because of various reasons like fraud, fabrication, and more. Major distrust surrounds the act of online shopping, which is why many people carefully check all sources before placing an order.

Today we bring you 22 hilarious online shopping fails which will compel you to become more careful:

1. Face mask that didn’t cover the face

2. Woven blanket that called for major weaving effort

3. Custom face print pillow – cute or creepy?

4. Misprint that changed the context

5. A chair for the bedroom or the dollhouse?

6. A women’s shirt that only fits the cat

7. Misprints ‘spicing up’ custom shirt’s meaning

8. Dinosaur pillow turns out to be a pillow cover

9. Cast iron skillet good enough for babies

10. Gigantic Teddy Bear that was #HeightGoals

11. Alien Balloons that blow up not-so-differently

12. Cute PJs disappointment

13. Dustpan right out of The Giants

14. Bridal Dress Fraud

15. Purchasing rings on the internet? No, thank you

16. Cute keychain becomes super aggressive upon arrival

17. Heavy-duty boots that were (…uh) not so heavy?

18. Men’s Tank top is the perfect women’s dress

19. Graphic Tee with just a ‘minor’ default

20. Pair of shoes more fitting for the left foot ONLY

21. Panda Pillow becomes a ‘little’ disappointing

22. Lingerie worth a million laughs

What are your thoughts on this? Please share with us in the comment section below.

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