[Pictures] Here are the five most stunning Cricket Stadiums in Pakistan

However, PCB should invest in the infrastructure and construct new cricket stadiums to accommodate the international teams.

With the monumental efforts of the Pakistan Cricket Board,  international cricket has finally returned to Pakistan. The country will be looking to host matches at various venues over the next few years.

Earlier, only Karachi, Lahore, and Rawalpindi had the privilege to host international matches, while Multan hosted a few Pakistan Super League matches last year.

However, the PCB should invest in the infrastructure and construct new cricket stadiums to accommodate the international teams.

Here are some of the most beautiful cricket stadiums of Pakistan:

Gwadar Cricket Stadium

Located in between the jagged mountains of Balochistan, the Gwadar Cricket Stadium has a beautiful aerial view with a lush green cricket field.

Recently, stunning pictures of the newly inaugurated stadium went viral after the International Cricket Council (ICC) shared them on social media.

Narol Cricket Stadium, Muzaffarabad

The Narol Cricket Stadium is not up to international standards, but it has hosted many club cricket matches. This beautiful stadium needs renovation and facilities to transform it into an international stadium.

Abbottabad Cricket Stadium

cricket stadiums

Over the years, the Cricket Stadium has held plenty of first-class matches. It was one of the venues for the 2019/2020 Quaid-e-Azam Trophy. The lush green ground is perfect for hosting an international level match, although the stands will have to be constructed to accommodate fans.

Bagh Cricket Stadium, Kashmir

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The Bagh Cricket stadium’s location and mesmerizing surroundings will leave the players and the fans in awe. However, it needs some renovation and updated facilities to bring the stadium to an international level.

Quaid-e-Azam Cricket Stadium, Mirpur

cricket stadiums

cricket stadiums

The ground has played host to first-class matches previously and could be one of the venues that can be used in the near future. It is currently the largest stadium in Kashmir, with a capacity of accommodating more than 15,000 spectators.

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