Pictures | Here’s How Halima Sultan and Other Characters From Dirilis: Ertuğrul Look Like in Real Life

Let's take a look at the lives of our favorite stars outside the cinema world.

We all know that Dirilis: Ertuğrul is setting new trends on Pakistani television these days.

Apart from its brilliant storyline, the other thing that has got many fans hooked is the character of Halima Sultan, the wife of Ertuğrul.

The character is played by Turkish model and actress, Esra Bilgiç. She made her on screen debut with Dirilis: Ertuğrul.

Her character in the series ended in 2018 with changes in the news season. Although, she died in 1281 but in the series her death has been shown much earlier than this. Esra is currently working as the leading lady in the Turkish crime-drama TV series Ramon.

She has also acted as the heroine in the film Adaniş Kutsal Kavga, which is slated to release this year. We all have seen how Esra Bilgiç looks as Halima Sultan in Dirilis: Ertuğrul.

Now, lets take a look at how she and other characters of Dirilis: Ertuğrul look like in real life.

Engin Altan Düzyatan (Ertuğrul Ghazi)

Serdar Gökhan (Suleyman Shah)

Hülya Korel Darcan (Hayma Hatun)

Kaan Taşaner (Gündoğdu Bey)

Cengiz Coşkun (Turgut Alp)

Didem Balçın (Selcan Hatun)

Burcu Kıratli (Gokche Hatun)

Hande Subaşı (Aykuz Hatun)

Cavit Çetin Güner ( Doğan Alp)

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  • Plz dont show nude pics like gokce in real life …we love them bcuz of their role but don’t hurt our emotions by showing us these things

    • Yes I agree with Haalim. The image that was created in the minds of viewers is just lost by viewing these real life pictures.

  • The cast look amazing! Enjoyed the series. Well done. Would watch it again.

  • kamal he “Turugt ” ka naam Urdu me “Noor Gul” rakh diya he ,

    shukar he “Ertugrul” ka naam ” Gul Khan” nahhi rakha

  • تصاویر دیکھ کر.ثابت ہوا کہ داڑھی اور حجاب سے چہروں کی دلکشی کئی گنا بڑھ جاتی ہے

  • Acha hai acha hai . Season 2 main meri acting dekh kar khush ho jao gy tum sab.

  • نہایت ہی عمدہ میک اپ کیا گیا ہے، قدیم اسلامی اقدار نہایت اعلیٰ تھیں اور ان کے حساب سے تو آجکل معاشرہ ننگا ہو چکا ہے، افسوس صد افسوس، بہرحال یہ، ایک بہت اعلیٰ اسلامی ڈرامہ سیریل ہے، ایسے ڈرامے روٹین میں لگتے رہنے چاہیں، ??

    • Apka iman nahi uthna chahye or nahi kisi pai hona chahye.. Ye aik drama series hai jo k Ertugrul ghazi k ooper banaya geya hai.. Asal kirdar ko daikho or seekho insay k kaisay wo kufr k saamny kharay ho gaye. Ap fikar na karo but khid sahi ho jayen hummlog.

  • Inspirational cast❤❤❤love from SAUDI ARABIA (pakistani) keep going!

  • All is grate I like it insha Allah my full family love this drama in Pakistan

  • Very strong character. They perfumed traditional act muslims culture..?

  • It’s shocked to c pics of Ertugurl participants and the same will let down moral of viewers specially in Pakistan as people will leave their interest as developed energetically by life style of Turkish Muslim.

  • They may remain the way they are,but when people have shown so much love
    The should have respected peoples thought
    Elgin is a good actor and so is Esra but when Names of Sultan Ertugrul and Halima have attached to them,I feel that its their duty to maintain their dignity

  • All characters are best in this drama but first two are my favorite

  • This shows that culture of Muslims is the best but we are not following our Islamic culture all female characters are in hijaab and male characters are in darhi مبارک. But we Muslims are following European culture ???

  • Hasan nisar should see this drama who brake history of muslims.
    Big slap on Hansen nisar face.

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