Pictures: Here’s How The Friends From The Viral Friendship Meme Look Now

Whenever we talk about the best Pakistani memes, the viral friendship meme will  surely be the first one we would think about.

Viral Friendship Meme Despite the fact that this meme was posted on Facebook in 2015, it is still widely used over the internet. It, once again, became the talk of the town when it was reported that this meme will be auctioned at an online platform.

It was auctioned by a Lahore and London based startup for $51,776.

About the Meme:

The meme was originally posted by a guy named Muhammad Asif Raza Rana in 2015. In the Facebook post, he told his friends about him ending his friendship with Mudasir and becoming best friends with Salman. Little did he know that it would become a viral meme on the internet and later be sold for thousands of dollars.

How do they look now?

After it was reported that the viral friendship meme is going to be auctioned, many people started wondering about what these three guys are up to now.

Well, Mudasir and Asif have yet again become best friends as we can see them posting pictures on social media together.

Asif posted a selfie with Mudasir and captioned it with, “true friendship never dies.”

In a Facebook live, the three friends can be seen together.

 According to Asif, Salman has pursued his career in modeling while he and Mudasir also do some office work.

Làst moments Emotions about our NFT Auction of friendship ended meme. With Mudasir Ismail and Naqqash Riaz

Posted by Muhammad Asif Raza on Sunday, August 1, 2021

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