PICTURES: Honda Civic 2022's first look unveiled by leaked patent images online

The leaked patent images also include details of the next-generation Honda Civic's interior.

The Honda Civic 2022 is set to debut in Spring 2021, and its sale is to begin in 2022 in the international market. However, the new car\’s look was unveiled before the grand debut planned next year as patent images leaked online last week, revealing the next-generation vehicle\’s exterior and interior.

The pictures of The Honda Civic Hatchback and Civic Sedan were leaked from Trademark/Patent filing last week. Taking information from these leaks, KDesign AG imagined the whole outlook of the new Honda sedan.

The Imagined Front of the New Honda Civic 2022

According to leaks, the new Honda Civic\’s ideology is to create a simplified version of the current model\’s heavily creased exterior. The new model\’s imagined design showcases flattened headlights and a distinct line running along the top of the lamps and through the front grille.

It is presumed that the new sedan\’s grille (under the company\’s emblem) would be narrower. The leaks did not reveal the fog lights\’ location; however, KDesign AG has imagined them in the lower bumper\’s corner.

The Imagined Rear of the New Honda Sedan 2022

The drawings have imagined a flowing roofline on the rear of the upcoming car, which gives the vehicle a coupe-like feeling from the back. It is also possible that the new Civic has two distinct taillights instead of one lamp on the tail\’s whole length.

Other Details from the Leaked Patent Images of the New Honda Civic 2022

The \’C\’ shaped taillights may have possibly become history. New designs inspired by the Honda Insight Sedan have replaced the rear end\’s outlook.

Overall, the car\’s wider shape, straight frontal hood line, and more pronounced side beltline design seem to be influenced by the current generation Accord, while the rest appears to be shaped by other Honda models in the lineup.

The leaked patent images also include details of the next-generation Honda Civic\’s interior. The new vehicle features a design up-gradation of the car\’s steering wheel and dashboard. The steering wheel showcases a complete design overhaul as it features controls with a four-spoke design and a hexagonal-shape center.

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  • Looks like modified Accord. I think Honda needs to revamp their design because more or less their different models look identical. For example the front grill’s top chrome portion running over headlamps and giving the looks like the car is wearing glasses is common in all models

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