[PICTURES] Jacqueline Fernandez’s’ intimate pictures with an alleged conman leaked, go viral

According to reports, Sukesh is being investigated for cheating and money extortion.

Recently, Bollywood diva Jacqueline Fernandez was spotted getting cozy with an alleged extortionist Sukesh Chandrasekhar. As soon as the pictures were uploaded on social media, netizens went into a rage spiral.

About Sukesh Chandrasekhar

According to reports, Sukesh is being investigated for cheating and money extortion. Sources further state that last month the Bollywood star was grilled by ED for hours in the ‘200 crores’ money laundering case because of her association with Sukesh.

The recent pictures indicate that actress Jacqueline Fernandez is romantically linked with the alleged conman. Sukesh’s lawyer Anant Malik claimed that she was in a relationship with Sukesh.

What does Bollywood have to say about this?

Reports state that a well-known Bollywood director who knows Jacqueline spilled the beans on the affair and said:

I wasn’t aware of Chandrashekhar’s business activities, but I know that he showered her with attention and expensive gifts. She fell for it; she probably didn’t check his identity. This is as bad as Shilpa Shetty claiming she didn’t know what her husband was up to. If you’re dating/marrying someone, you can’t be blind to what he does.

Another source from the entertainment industry shared:

Jacqueline will seek the help of her Kick co-star Salman Khan to bail her out of the situation. This likelihood won’t be easy on Ms. Fernandez as she has a lot of answering to do, and she may not have the answers that the government agencies are looking for.

Here’s how netizens are reacting to Jacqueline’s association with Sukesh:

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