[PICTURES] Maya Ali’s before and after photos will leave you awestruck!

Old viral picture shows that Maya Ali underwent a major change.

Pakistani actress Maya Ali has built an incredible career for herself in the Pakistani entertainment industry. The actress started as a news journalist and worked with Samaa TV.

Soon after, Maya Ali became a VJ, and that is when the first project of her entertainment career caught up with her. The actress’s first show as a lead actress was Geo TV’s ‘Aik Nayee Cinderella’.


Maya Ali has come a long way from her early days of playing Cinderella to taking on influential roles in mainstream movies like Parey Hut Love. Indeed, the actress’s versatility and dedication have shined through and helped her transform her career.

Recently, an old photo of Maya Ali started trending on social media. It seems like the picture is from her school days, probably about ten years ago.

The picture is another proof of Maya Ali’s undying efforts to work on herself and her career.

Here is the viral picture:

From this version to what we see of the actress today – Maya Ali has undergone a significant change.


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