The Pictures Of National Stadium After The Match Narrate A Story Of An Irresponsible Society

A few days back we were lauding and appreciating the police’s involvement in the affair that they are now using force to punish those who throw garbage in the open, leading to harmful consequences on a broader scope.
But on the other side of the picture, we need to consider the harrowing aspect of it as well. Our manners and moral values have depleted to an extent that now the state needs to intervene and  ‘punish’ us to make us realize our responsibility as a part of the society.

Entire Pakistan has been overwhelmed with emotions and couldn’t just hold the excitement on the news of cricket coming home. However, this is how the audience left the National Stadium post-match.

Source: Facebook/FixIt

Not too long before, Gilgit Baltistan has also shown their concerns regarding the issue, saying that the irresponsibility of the tourists is levying a heavier price on the scenic beauty there to pay.

Source: How the Gilgit River went from pure waters to a polluted stream (

One of the visitors said that to protect the environment, we must realize that there is a proper way of doing things.
“However, the tourist influx has weighed heavily on nature. The visitors must realize they have to properly dispose of waste to protect nature.” says a nature lover and tourist, Ghulam Nabi Raikoti (Source: Express Tribune)

The issue, with having the implications for us that we know but are purposefully blindsided to are getting grave as the time is passing. We are already experiencing a sharp change in the weather pattern in the region along with certain health effects as well, ultimately making us fal prey to our own irresponsibilities.
Although the authorities do have a role to play in this particular arena, it’s time for us to realize what we are doing wrong in making the problem more severe. Realise and perform your part today in making your own future secure, by setting an example. So the next time, don’t let the argument that ‘everyone does it so we can do it too’ convince you to do it. To make things improved, we need to start a collaborative effort and take the lead rather than waiting for someone else to do that for us.

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