PICTURES | New state of the art college in Bajaur sets a new precedent with modern facilities

The shortcoming in Pakistan’s education system along with the absence of quality infrastructure has been a big hindrance on the road to progress. The country stands at a low point currently, with low literacy and lack of facilities, and needs lots to improve in the sphere of education.

Quite recently, the Sindh government moved to define the term ‘school’ for the first time in 71 years. Prior to that, the education policy lacked even the basic definition, which was one of the prime reasons for misplaced priorities. The term was defined with an intention to specify the budget spending and allocate it in accordance with it, so adequate facilities needed to develop infrastructural potential can be built.

It is self-explanatory where our preferences in the sphere of education stood. Despite promising repeatedly, the spending on education stood stagnant. The result has been the deteriorating quality of education in public schools while flourishing private education business.

In that, Bajaur’s new state of art college with modern facilities and qualitative services appears to be a refreshing sight to look at. The newly constructed Khar Public School & College, built by Pakistan Army, has everything a modern school and college should have to equip the young generation with quality education and efficient knowledge impartment.

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