Pictures Of Col Sohail Abid Shaheed’s Son and Father Receiving His Dead Body Move The Nation – People Show Their Gratitude On Social Media

The holy month of Ramazan is no less than an event for the Muslims, followed by Eid, where one has the most desire to stay near their loved ones and spend the special occasion in their company. Right from the beginning, all of us passionately indulge in preparing for Eid – and just in that celebratory atmosphere, imagine receiving a dead body of your loved one. The pain, loss and ordeal is beyond one’s imagination except those who face it and survive through it.

None of us can hardly feel an ounce of what the young son of Col Sohail Abid Shaheed felt when he received the dead body of his beloved father when he was expecting him to be home soon to spend Eid with them. No one can imagine what his old father went through and how much courage it took to salute at the sight of his son’s corpse rather than shedding a tear.

The loss had undoubtedly emotionally affected the entire nation and every single person feels indebted to Col Sohail’s family, who have shown such courage and strength during this tragedy.
The pictures of Shaheed’s son, standing by his dead father and Col Sohail’s father, receiving his son’s coffin with such courage have moved the internet community.

People have shown their gratitude and emotions on social media platforms, showing their respect and support for their security forces.


Col Sohail Abid Shaheed sacrificed his life during an operation in Balochistan, in which high-value Lashkar e Jhangvi target involved in terrorist activities across the country along with two suicide bombers.
“Security Forces conducted an IBO [intelligence-based operation] in Killi Almas, Balochistan on pointation from apprehended HVT [high-value target] about [the] presence of suicide bombers along with other terrorists in hideouts,” (Inter-Services Public Relations statement).

“During an intense exchange of fire Colonel Sohail Abid of Military Intelligence embraced Shahadat while 4 soldiers got injured including 2 critical,” the ISPR added.

Abid’s father said that he is proud of his son and his sacrifice for the peaceful future of Pakistan. Abid’s brother also said that his brother is the reason today he and his family are holding their heads high with pride.

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