Remember Uzma Khan and Usman Malik? They are reportedly married now!

Here is the latest picture of the couple!

Uzma Khan spotted with Usman Malik in Dubai

The Uzma Khan case had people on their tiptoes for quite some time. People were curious to know the truth behind the feud. The incident made headlines, with people siding with either Malik Riaz’s daughters or Uzma Khan.

The scene went viral after Khan filed a case against the daughters of the business tycoon because they entered her home with gunmen. Videos of the incident were also published on social media, in which the two women were accusing Khan of having an affair with an individual named ‘Usman’.

Almost two years after the scene went viral, recent pictures of actress Uzma Khan and Usman Malik have hit the internet, where the two seem to be enjoying in Dubai.

Here is what the public has to say:

The Uzma Khan Case

All of those who are unfamiliar, the case became the talk of the town after a viral video back in 2020.

Uzma took to social media to narrate the entire incident, where she said that she had been harassed and is receiving death threats. She added that she had nothing to lose, and will fight for justice.

Khan said that the two women, who she claimed were daughters of Malik Riaz, had barged into her house with 12 gunmen and threatened her. They also accused her of having an affair with her husband.

After her statement, a woman named Amna Usman came forward, claiming that the model has an affair with her husband. She further denied entering her home and said that Malik Riaz himself should be kept away from the case as her husband is not linked to the family b

Amna blamed her husband for the entire scene, adding that she has now left Usman. Uzma Khan also held a press conference, in which she clarified the entire incident.

Khan later withdrew her case against the women who attacked her and claimed it was a ‘misunderstanding’.

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