Pictures Of PIA Kitchen Viral On Social Media – See How They Serve You Food

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) have made to the headlines countless times for their unfavorable travel conditions and inconvenience caused to the passengers. The passengers turn to social media times and times again to voice their opinions, which perfectly reflects that the airline pays the least concentration to ensure customer satisfaction or their safety. Well not just that, these recent pictures that have floated across internet show that they have the least regard for their passenger’s health as well.

These recent photos reveal how the staff handles food that is later served to the people. They can be seen touching and serving food using naked hands, which can have critical implications for human health.
Handling food that is later served to international and domestic passengers with hands without gloves allow the bacteria present on the surface to directly infect it. As there is no protective barrier present, the direct contact can give birth to multiple health conditions, especially during traveling.

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Although there have been complaints in the past regarding the conditions of the planes, the incooperative attitude of the staff and provision of stale food, these pictures ensure that they are doing nothing to address them and in fact, each element is worse than the other.

See The Kitchen Conditions:

A spokesperson while speaking to ARY has termed these pictures as a conspiracy to affect and ‘dent’ the image of the airline. He further added that the kitchen conditions are favorable and follow strict guidelines to ensure the health, while the pictures tell a story otherwise.

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It has also been ensured that they have taken notice of these and a proper investigation will be followed to verify their authenticity and conditions in the kitchens.

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