[PICTURES] Proton X70 Comes to Pakistan. Here are rumored EXCLUSIVE specs!

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Proton X70 comes to Pakistan.

The Malaysian SUV Proton X70 was released in the Pakistani auto market yesterday. An exclusive ceremony was held in Karachi to celebrate the new entrant’s arrival. PakWheels shared some photos of the ceremony, which unveiled that the Proton X70 has entered Pakistan in AWD and FWD variants. The vehicle will be available for purchase in two colors – red and grey.

Alongside the look of the vehicle, the company also revealed the exclusive specs of the new SUV.

Salient Features of the Proton X70:

The new compact SUV will:

  • Come with a 1500cc Turbocharged Gasoline-Direct Engine, which produces 177 horsepower and 255Nm Torque
  • Feature 5-people seating space
  • Flaunt 4,519 mm length, 1,831 mm width and 1,694 mm height.
  • Have a kerb weight of approximately 1,625 kilograms.
Sources speculate that the Proton X70 model coming to Pakistan will be quite similar to the Proton X70 model in Malaysia.

The company has not revealed the full features of the vehicle yet. Therefore, all the features mentioned below are a result of speculation. The real deal of the Proton X70 will unveil when mass production of the vehicle starts locally.

Expected Features of the Proto X70:

Sources speculate that the Proton X70 will come packed with:

  • Disc brakes all around with ABS
  • A McPherson front and a Multi-link rear suspension
  • Electric power steering
  • E-brakes
  • Standard alloy wheels size of 225/60/18

Interior of the Proton X70:

It should be noted that the Proton X70 will arrive in Pakistan as a CBU. Therefore, the vehicle will carry most of the features and options available in the vehicle’s Malaysian model. All variants of the Proton X70 will feature:

  • Leather interior; the Premium version will flaunt Nappa leather
  • A panoramic sunroof (Premium variant only)
  • Digital LCD dashboard cluster
  • Steering wheels control
  • Push-button start
  • Welcome lights
  • Power-folding mirrors
  • Day-night rearview mirror
  • Power windows
  • Power driver-adjustable seats which are ventilated
  • Dual-zone climate control with rear vents
  • An air purification system
  • LCD and GKUI [Geely Smart Ecosystem] Infotainment system, which features cell phone connectivity for music streaming, a smart voice recognition system, and climate control settings
  • A 4G WIFI capable system with GSM SIM slot
  • Eight speakers standard; the Premium model will have eight speakers along with an amplifier and sub-woofer
  • Five seat capacity – the second-row seats can be folded down for larger cargo capacity.
  • Power tailgate; the Premium model will feature a foot sensor

Exterior of the Proton X70:

The Geely Boyue inspires the car’s design with the structure based on famous Malaysian traditional woodwork and carving. However, to give the SUV a Proton face, manufacturers have added:

  • Halogen headlights with DRL to the base model and LED and adaptive headlights with auto dip to the Premium model
  • A unique grill on the front called an infinite weave grill
  • LED taillights and two exhaust tips through the rear bumper
  • A standard wiper for rear screen
  • A spoiler with a stop lamp
  • Roof rails

Safety features in the Proton X70:

The vehicle will come fully packed with safety features, which will include:

  • Six airbags
  • ABS
  • Auto brake hold
  • Brake Assist
  • Hill assist
  • EBD
  • Traction
  • TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System)
  • ADA (Advanced Driver Assistance System) consisting of lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, auto high beam, and autonomous braking – Premium model only
  • A regular reverse camera in the base model, while the premium model will feature a 360 view camera system

Price of the Proton X70:

The manufacturer has not revealed the price of the new vehicle yet. However, sources state that the price will be unveiled in the next 2-3 weeks.

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