[IN PICTURES] World’s First Flying Car Mobile Airport To Open In The UK Later This Year

The airport is being established by the British firm, Urban-Air Port, and the South Korean carmaker, Hyundai.


The world’s first-ever mobile airport for flying cars and autonomous delivery drones will be launched in the UK later this year.

Called Air-One, the futuristic transport hub will be located next to the Ricoh Arena stadium in Coventry, England.

The airport is being established by the British firm, Urban-Air Port, and the South Korean carmaker, Hyundai.

The airport has also been awarded a £1.2 million grant from UK Research & Innovation’s Future Flight Challenge.

The airport has been designed with ultra-compact dimensions to be implemented in towns and cities in the UK. This will allow electric air taxis and drones to land and charge their batteries.

Designers say the temporary sites will help ‘reduce congestion, cut air pollution, and contribute to a zero-carbon future.’

Hyundai is pushing for the establishment of Air-One locations after it revealed its flying taxi – designed in collaboration with Uber a year ago – and intends to commercialize its flying vehicles by 2028.

The ‘urban air mobility’ revolution is forecast to be worth almost £1 trillion over the next 20 years as companies invest in Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft and the infrastructure required.

The airport – which is around 60% smaller than a conventional heliport – will be the first of more than 200 zero-emission sites that Urban-Air Port plans to install globally over the next five years.

Initially, the site will be used to help the public understand the latest technology, with Malloy Aeronautics, a UK-based drone developer, exhibiting the use of large cargo drones at the airport.

Ricky Sandhu, the founder and the executive chairperson of Urban-Air Port, said: “Cars need roads. Trains need rails. Airplanes need airports. eVTOLs will need Urban-Air Ports.”

“Over a hundred years ago, the world’s first-ever commercial flight took off, creating the modern connected world.”

The “Urban-Air Port will improve connectivity across our cities, boost productivity and help the UK take the lead in a whole new clean universal economy.”

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