Pindi Bhattian: Step brother allegedly ‘gang-rapes’ sisters along with 3 friends

he incident occurred in Garhi Wahab, an area adjacent to Punjab's Pindi Bhattian. 

In a chilling incident of assault and sexual abuse, step-brother, along with his three friends, allegedly gang-raped sisters. The incident occurred in Garhi Wahab, an area adjacent to Punjab’s Pindi Bhattian.

As reported by a local media source, the victim Zarina Bibi filed a complaint against her stepbrother in the local police station. Zarina accused her brother of sexually assaulting and gang-raping her and her sister along with his three friends.

According to the complaint, Zarina and her sister were present in her house when her step-brother and his friends climbed the wall and entered the home. They then subjected them to physical assault and gang-raped them.

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  • Why are you posting victims name. They already went through a lot and you are making it worse.

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