Pir Traps Himself Inside A Pit For 41 Days To Impress Followers, Gets Arrested

Worried, with teary eyes and drums, his devotees bid him farewell.

To increase his popularity and impress his followers, a fake spiritual healer from Sialkot said he would trap himself inside a deep, underground pit, for 41 days. However, his plans remained unfulfilled as police arrested him after three days.

A fake Pir, named Sagheer alias Mithay Shah, said he would stay inside a 6-feet deep pit in Wanchal village to make his followers believe in his extraordinary abilities. Worried, with teary eyes and beating drums, his devotees bid him farewell. He kept asking them not to worry and to trust in his miracles.

However, the ’Pirs’ plans backfired when police carried out a raid and arrested him only three days into the ritual. After removing  the wooden planks that covered the pit, the police revealed that Sagheer had made a proper makeshift room underground. He had made full arrangements for water, food, electricity and even a bed inside the ‘pit’.

The SHO ,Tariq Mehmoo,, informed a media outlet that someone had filed a complaint against Sagheer, stating that he had buried himself inside a ‘grave-like’ pit and could possibly die because of suffocation. Subsequently, The police carried out a raid at  the mentioned location, pulled him out of the pit and arrested him.

When interrogated, Sagheer said that such acts ‘increases his respect among his followers.’ His followers, however, believe that the police have dealt unfairly with him and he was harmlessly reciting the Quran inside the pit.

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