PK-8303: How a technical error saved the life of this man who had his flight booked

I desperately wanted the PIA flight....


A man named Syed Mustafa Ahmed had attempted to confirm payment online, three times , for seat 13-A on the ill-fated Pakistan International Airlines flight PK-8303 from Lahore to Karachi. However, each time, a technical error stopped him from finalizing the reservation.

Technical Error

Speaking to Arab News, the Karachi-based owner of digital marketing social enterprise said, “I booked myself on seat 13-A, but when the payment selection came, there was a system error. I tried three times, but in the last step, the website just wouldn’t let me pay and confirm my reservation.”

Ahmed added, “I have a friend who works in another airline. I told him I need to take this flight and asked him for his help with the booking. We tried again, but it just wasn’t happening.”

On Friday afternoon, the A320 airbus that Ahmed had been desperately trying to board crashed into a residential area before its scheduled landing in Karachi, with an estimated 98 passengers on board.

‘I desperately wanted the PIA flight’

“I wanted the PIA flight because its timings assured I landed before the 5 p.m. citywide lockdown. When I was unable to proceed with payment, my friend at Serene told me to travel on his free ticket with his airline instead– except the flight would leave at 4 p.m. Thursday.

Once I landed safely in Karachi on Thursday evening, a google alert pinged on my phone. It said the system error had been dealt with, and would I like to proceed with my PIA booking. By then, I was already home.”

The entrepreneur further said, “When the plane crashed this afternoon, I was flooded with phone calls from friends and family. I had forgotten to tell many of them that I was taking an earlier flight. They thought I was on PK-8303.”

“I think you could call it luck, but it shows me that while we are making our plans, God has other plans for us– and God had planned that today, this flight was not for me, he added”

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