#PlantforHussain: A unqiue way to commemorate Muharram

Defeating hate, the youth unites for a better, more tolerant and peaceful Pakistan


Pakistan’s youth has seen the worst. They have been forced to bear the consequences of past mistakes, being forced to open eyes in an environment of hate, intolerance, and bloodshed. However, it is heartwarming to see them putting an end to the madness and taking unconventional initiatives that will reshape our society.

Another such unconventional and beautiful move was taken by Ideas 9, a youth-driven initiative, working to promote inter-faith and inter-sect harmony among different segments of the society. They are known for their infamous iftar in Ramzan, where they invite members of different sects arranging fasting and prayers for them together.

Following their popular iftar, they arranged another event for people from all schools of thoughts to participate in. In a unique way to commemorate Muharram, Ideas 9 arranged a majlis, which was followed by a campaign named ‘Plant for Hussain’ (#PlantforHussain).

”Keeping Tradition Alive of Combined Iftar & Prayers, 3rd Annual Combined Gathering For Sectarian Harmony was held at Muhammadi Masjid, Hali Road, Gulberg, Lahore. A large number of participants from all school of thoughts attended the event to pay the tribute to Imam Hussain.

#PlantForHussain: Plants were distributed as tabbaruk after the Majlis.”

The event, which with promoting peace and love also gives a new meaning to religious gatherings, was followed by a plantation drive. The religious scholars and members of different sects came together to invest their time in a more meaningful way of showing respect to maters of the Karbala, which with keeping their sacrifices alive, also is beneficial for society on a bigger level.

Such initiatives from the youth are heartwarming and give a glimpse of positivity and hope for the future. With such selfles and meaningful acts, we shall see the dawn of a progressive and a tolerant Pakistan, together!

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