Plants mentioned in Quran and Hadith: Pakistani man ready to open first ‘Islamic garden’ in Karachi

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An 80-year-old civil engineer named Shaukat Omari, inspired by the Islamic Botanical Garden in Sharjah, will soon open Pakistan’s first Islamic garden for public in Karachi.

Shaukat Omari’s garden features plants, trees, and shrubs named in the Islamic manuscripts. The Islamic garden is located inside the Jinnah Urban Forest, with 25 species planted so far, including pomegranate, fig-trees, olive, date palms, and citrus plants.

President Dr. Arif Alvi and his wife Samina Arif Alvi inaugurated the forest on the 17th of October.

Omari hopes the Islamic garden will be ready to open to the public within six months, complete with a children’s play area.

He added, “The beautiful Islamic garden inspired me in Sharjah. My research showed that 22 plants are specified in the Quran, while the other 77 trees are mentioned in Hadith literature.”

“I thought children would learn a lot from this since very few people tell you what the Quran and Hadith say about plants,” the 80-year-old said. In my opinion, the garden would be a perfect place to educate tourists.

“More than 75% of the plants here can be used for healing purposes,” he added. “We aim to tell children about their characteristics and how they were prescribed by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).”

Responding to a question about corporate or government support for the project, Omari said he and his fellow engineers did everything independently.

He concluded, “The only support we received was from the management of the mausoleum.”

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