PM dismisses Tahir A. Khan following controversial video of Chairman NAB

Video scandal of Chairman NAB irks impropriety, causing suspension of Adviser Tahir A. Khan.

Tahir A. Khan has been sacked from his post as an adviser to the premier after airing the video and audio scandal of Chairman NAB Javed Iqbal. Responding to the video scam, Chairman NAB says that he will not bow down to any blackmailing and will continue the accountability proceedings. “I’ll not be threatened by such attempts”, vows Javed Iqbal. Mr. Iqbal reiterates that he will continue to work under the boundaries of the law and expressed his resolve to carry on the accountability within the country.

The video and audio clips of Chairman NAB trigger debate and challenge the credibility of the country’s accountability process. The video clip that has already gone viral depicts a woman talking to Javed Iqbal. Mr. Iqbal shows his inclinations towards the woman in an audio clip and showing disregard to some other man to whom the woman might be close enough.

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A local news channel News One aired the audio and video clips of the Javed Iqbal doing inappropriate conversations with a female. The woman (in the video) alleges that she’s threatened with the NAB inquiries if she doesn’t follow the suit of the Chairman NAB’s wishes. Anti-graft watchdog slams the video as fake and propagandist in a press release.

Chairman NAB turns the allegations as an attempt to blackmail the watchdog institute over ongoing corruption investigations. There are reports that a reference will be filed against the chairman and proper investigations will proceed in the Supreme Judicial Council, deciding into the matter. The chairman might have been framed but citing the responsibilities on his shoulders and by considering the sensitivity of his job he should not have gone that way.



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