Suspension of ‘Fee Reimbursement Scheme’ leaves underprivileged students in distress

The recent government of PTI has put an end to the far-fetched scheme, which was providing for millions of students.

The incredible scheme for Youth empowerment that started in the government of Nawaz Sharif under the name of Prime Minister’s Fee Reimbursement scheme has witnessed the massive scale appreciation from around the country.

It offered the services to the underprivileged areas of FATA and KPK. It has provided the offering in 114 districts in Pakistan and about 108036 students benefitted from the scheme during the first year and it continued until the new government has put an end to it and started a new scheme called “Ehsaas” which is only offering fee reimbursement to 2 lac students in four years.

The recent government of PTI has put an end to the far-fetched scheme. During the year 2012, the responsibility of the scheme was to over the giant shoulders of the HEC Higher Education Commission.

Under the PM Fee Reimbursement scheme, the educational expenditure of the students from underdeveloped areas was taken care off but due to the new scheme, HEC has refused to pay further fees of students who were already studying under the PM scheme.

Students worried as they are told about dissolving of the old scheme:

While interviewing a student from Malakand University, he stated that under the PM scheme, he got admitted to the Master’s program and now he demands the reimbursement of the remaining funds. The student also added that they are being told about the dissolving of the old scheme and that he had to pay the fee for the last year.

He believes that the new government should have continued the old scheme since lots of students were benefitting from it. He stated that most of the students have arranged fees from either relative or borrowed from family and friends but now that it’s over, they are now depressed over how to pay the money back.

In 5 years 83 thousand students were awarded the PM scholarship, in 1 year 31 thousand students were given the scholarships but the new scheme has dropped the ratio below the bar. They will pay for 2 lac kids for 4 years which includes the students from BS level as well from all around the world while the PM scheme included Masters and Ph.D. studies that too from underdeveloped countries.

What is the stance of HEC?

Chairman Tariq Banori explained how the last scheme was different from the new one and how that is covering the limited number of scholarships. When asked about the issues students are facing about the fee returns, he refused to answer the questions saying that they are only false news.

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