PM Imran Khan considering to hold talks with rebel groups in Balochistan

The premier remarks that insurgency spread in the province due to a sense of deprivation.

Prime Minister Imran Khan is considering holding talks with rebel groups in Balochistan to address their grievances and move towards a better future.

The premier added that Pakistan would never have had to worry about the insurgency if attention was given to the province’s development.

Map of districts in Balochistan province.

The prime minister revealed this while addressing a gathering of local elders, students, and business leaders in Gwadar during a one-day visit to the city on Monday.

During the address, PM Imran Khan held the previous governments accountable for depriving Balochistan of its due share through corruption.

As a result of this sense of deprivation felt by the locals, insurgency spread out in the province, he added.

Baloch insurgents.

However, the premier remarked that “the situation has changed now” during the incumbent government’s tenure.

During his visit to Gwadar, PM Imran Khan inaugurated the Gwadar Free Zone, Expo Center, Agriculture Industrial Park, and three different factories.

The premier also witnessed the signing of various memoranda of understanding (MoUs) to construct a state-of-the-art hospital, an airport, and a vocational institute.

Gwadar to emerge as 'focal point of development': PM - The Frontier Post
PM Imran Khan remarked that his aim was not to win the elections but to develop Balochistan during his tenure as prime minister.

He said that former PM Nawaz Sharif made 24 trips to London during his tenure, of which 23 were private, and only one was an official visit.

“I think he did not come to Balochistan even two times,” Khan lamented.

He added that former president Asif Ali Zardari had made 81 trips to Dubai during his tenure, saying, “the purposes of those because of whom Pakistan did not reach the position it should have were different.”

In the end, PM Imran Khan noted that a country could only progress if all its areas progressed simultaneously.

“How does a nation rise? When it combines the various advantages of its diverse areas, it rises,” he said.

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