PM Imran Khan invites US-based architect to transform Daman-e-Koh into a ‘heavenly tourist site’

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According to media reports, Prime Minister Imran Khan has requested the US-based Kashmiri and acclaimed architect, Tony Ashai, to turn Daman-e-Koh into a heavenly tourist spot. As per the guidelines, the architect has presented a futuristic concept design for Daman-e-Koh – a viewing point and hilltop garden in Margalla Hills, Islamabad.

Tony Ashai took to Twitter to share details of the transformation project. The Srinagar-born architect said:

Daman-e-Koh is currently in bad shape and the transformation could turn it into a world-class tourist destination and an iconic park for Pakistan. The concept behind the new design for Daman-e-Koh is to simply create a terraced garden and food outlets that merge with the environment of Margalla Hills.

Here is a visual representation of Ashai’s vision for Daman-e-Koh:

Islamabad Residents Concerned

As soon as Ashai’s futuristic plan for the tourist site went viral, Islamabad residents reached out to the architect with their concerns. Responding to their concerns, Ashai said:

It is only an idea at the moment and nothing more than that. If the concept is turned into reality, it will be the most environment-friendly project in the world.

He further shared:

Most people think that tourism is all about natural beauty. In reality, it is all about connectivity and infrastructure like airports, trains, hotels, and (of course) tourist destinations. All of this requires huge investment and a lot of time. Dubai is an excellent example of how to build a tourism-based industry.

Tony Ashai’s Earlier Project

Tony Ashai is also the architect of Namal Knowledge City (NKC), Pakistan’s first knowledge city built in Mianwali. The NKC comprises a world-class lakeside campus along with a technology park, business centers, sports facilities, a hospital, shopping centers, hotels, and a housing colony for staff, faculty, and students.

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